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Mobile News
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-05-22 15:31:02

Hola, I am living in Ny with a friend until I get a job, and find a nice Apt. Over the last few days, I've been b0x tweaking, and looking for a new job. Now I bring you tons of Linkies.

Maxtop case review.

Looking for a new monitor? Peep the Hitachi CML175b

ATi vs Nvidia Shootout between the 800 line of Cards :p 9800 vs the 5800. Speaking of the ATI 9800 Pro Shipped out.

New DVD's are capable of holding 200 movies on 1 disc.

AMD's XP 3200+ is out, and here is a review. In light of the new CPU, I got a XP 2600+, and posted about it.

More video card reviews, Peep out the Nvidia FX5900 Review. and here is the official word from Nvidia.

Do you like Black? Well, you can dye your hardware. Info here.

New Nomads are out for your mobile MP3 Needs. Double the space, $399.99.

On the Media note, you can download a plugin for XP that will let you have movie screensavers, and Autochanging backgrounds.

Here is a guide to Modding the Barton XP to a Barton MP I guess if you want to run a Dually Setup b0x.

3Dmark 2003 has a new patch out :) Since I got new hardware, I can run this app and score above 2k.

Half-Life 2 is comming out, and I found some Movie clips for all you CS Junkies.

That is the news for now, I'm going to get food, and shower.


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