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A Frosty Thursday
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-03-20 17:00:56

The weather has been nice, but today was nothing but cold and rain :p I am quite cold as I bring your todays news and reviews. :p

Windows 2000 users will want to Avoid the latest Patch, That is unless you like the your b0x locking up :)

Micro$0ft is not making nice with EA Games and Eidos. But sony still has friends :)

Office 2003 is looking to cross the line again :) Info Here Speaking of the Devil, Someone claims to have cut Windows 9x to 40mb in size :p

Worried about TiVo Killing advertising mind control, Don't worry, even Fast Forwarding commercials gets the point across to shop til the nukes drop! :)

Nvidia has K8 Crush chipsets ready for the Athlon64, All we need now is the CPU to be released.

Laptops will be powered by Booze :p Maybe someday we will use Methanol in our cars, and then, Oil wars might just be pointless...

Longhorn Screenies in Action

Linky to a Video Capture Guide

Here is some CeBit info and pictures to suit

Parallel vs Serial ATA Drives Review

Swiftech MCW5000-A Waterblock review Doesn't look like a Danger Den, but has a clip on Design for the Lazy ;)

If you Write viruses, Chances are you don't have a Girlfriend oh yeah, and you're a male. Common Feminist, prove them wrong, just don't email me :)

Cisco Is looking to buy Linksys. Sounds more depressing as the IBM Hard Drive Sale :p

I want a new case, and This one already has Wheels :D

EpoX 8k9a2+ Review can be found Here

M-Audio has some Sound cards out, I have the Cheapie :) You can peep out the Revolution 7.1 for yourself

Thermalright makes some damn nice heatsinks for the Air cooled kids ;) The Thermalright SLK800U Review shows you what Mounting fun you will have, But thier results are good, and I'm sure, you can always do better w/ a Hole cutter ;)

That concludes my random news and hardware linkage. I have original content around too :P Reg Guides, and a Win XP tweak guide will be making thier rounds in the next week or so.


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