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Gravy Train
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-08-31 07:58:18

Good Day, I am currently working, and It is a lil slow, Thus I will post some news and Hardware links.

Epox 8HDA3 is soon to be out. Equipped w/ K8T800 Chipset, and a Naked Lady. I thought My 8RDA+ was cool with the X-Ray'd Dog.

Speaking of Mobo's Vr Zone did a Via KT600 Mobo Roundup.

Looking to Watercool, but you don't want to do it Piece by Piece? Asetek have a Watercooling Kit you can checkout.

Microsoft has cut the Price of Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Cutting it in Half.

Looks like AMD may Look to Migrate the Athlon XP Cores

AMD's Opteron 244 and the Nforce 3 Pro 150 Look to make a nice Gameb0x, maybe not for the Money, but cool afterall.

To Wrap up Review, Check out the Asus Geforce FX 5900 and the ATI - All-in Wonder 9800 Pro. I have the 9700 Pro AIW and am Pretty Happy with it.

Well, that's All the reviews and Links for today. I am working on some projects for the site, Keep an eye out in the next week for more updates, and as Usual, all the Action is on the Forums


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