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First of the Month
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-09-02 07:45:11

Another Day of links, Here are a Few I rounded up on this Tuesday morning. Hope you had a nice Holiday.

John Carmack is Building Rockets for 10,000,000. Doom hits the NASA world.

Check out the DFI LAN Party NFII Ultra Review, Equipped with the Nforce2 Chipset, and Dual NIC's.

Also check out the Aopen AK77-600 Max Mobo. The AOpen Looks to have a decent BIOS, and that is rare to find in Value priced Mobo's.

Mikhailteck has a review on the iCute 400watt PSU I'm always interested in PSU Reviews, I am Devoted to Sparkle.

On the H20 Scene, Corsair has a HydroCool 200. DIY Watercooling is Always better, but this kit looks Decent.

For Waterblocks, Check the Swiftech MCW5000 CPU WaterBlock. Looks Nice, But it's no Danger Den IMO.

Do you want to Learn Flash? Here is a Simple Tutorial. Make Pretty Stuff.

For a Good Laugh, Peep this G.I. Joe Spoof More are comming, I just mirror.

That concludes the post of the Day, Have a Jolly day, I had 1 call since 6am Today.


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