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IE Exploits and Holiday Bliss
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-12-14 13:56:56

Been awhile since I did news updates, lots of Working, and Final Fantasy XI will do that to you. Today, We have quite a few inches of snow, and no signs of it stopping anytime soon. Before I leave for work, I post some info on the Newest Internet Explorer Exploit.

Looks like Fake URL's can be sent to your Addy bar in Internet Explorer. Quite Nasty, Be careful before going to those secure online sites especially. Info on this problem can be found @ Slashdot, and more info here.
Secunia rated the vulnerability as "moderately critical." A Microsoft spokesperson on Wednesday said that the company knows of no exploits of the reported hole or of any users being affected but said in a statement that it is "aggressively investigating the public reports."

Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it. I think IE may be seeing it's End days if this continues. Day by Day, I contemplate installing Linux on my game Pc. All I need is Good NTFS Support, and the Ability to play Final Fantasy XI Smoothly :)

As Usual, all the Action is on the Forums. I will try to make a Nice port to some Popular Threads for you lazy folk who do not make an Account :p

Of Course, Have a Safe and Happy Holiday


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