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January is Cold
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2004-01-20 13:41:03
Hubble if Left for dead is Space. NASA is not going to repair this satellite, and it's ETD is ~ 2006 - 2008. If you are looking for your own satellite, act now.

Scientists in China found a 4 Winged Dinosaur. Adding to the theory Birds are evolved dinosaurs. Explains why they like to poo on people :p

Canada and Photoshop have a fake money issue. Adobe is working w/ the Gov't to fix this problem, and prevent inkjet counterfiting.

Has your Girlfriend ever asked you how to hookup a second PSU to your PC? Mine did the other day, and I found this Guide.

For GTA Vice City Fans:
Multi Theft Auto Stats are up for the Dedicated server I am Running. If you do not have this Multiplayer Mod, you can Download version 0.3r2 here

For Single player Mod Fans:
Checkout Coldstone's 2.2 Modpack for GTA Vice City Download

Hope Everyone had a good Martin Luther King Jr Day . I am @ work now, Making a new news post, waiting for 6pm. As Always, All the Action is on the Forums.
Buffalo is Very Cold, and has lots of Snow.


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