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Feb Bliss
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2004-02-21 13:05:34
Whats new @ Funtime Bliss?

For the Grand Theft Auto: VC Fans
Coldstone has released and uploaded his Final (3.0) VC Modpack. Review to follow in the next week or two. Below are some release notes:

Coldstone's Release Notes:
I have noticed a problem with the last mod where in the helicopter mission I had changed it to a UFO, well that didnt work very well because you couldn't see what you were shooting at, that had been fixed in the new Final Mod, also I have added 4 stunt parks and 1 dirt bike track as well as many new vehicles, such as a monocycle, a wheel chair, shopping cart and The Thunderdome as well as many others.
Any Input/suggestions on this mod, If so, hit up the Forums.

For the Final Fantasy folk:
A new site is up, and in the works. is up, and under alot of construction. A forum is up, and is the home for our Linkshell - Stormriders.

New Reviews:
Finally, a new review has been written by myself. A small guide/review on running an IDE Fileserver. More reviews in the works, but for now, off to work.


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