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Posted by: Pic0o @ 2004-07-07 20:28:30

Here is a Blog of Reviews and News over the last few weeks. I'm fairly Busy @ work Atm, so it's not much. Btw, the new place is great, Kat, the Dog and I, are all happy puppies. My Birfday rocked too, and it was peachy fun having the Fam in town.

IE Fix resolves nothing.

Dogs can Detect Sesures 5 hours prior.

IBM seizes supercomputing crown

Ati 9800XT Review

Court allows Romanies to sue IBM over Holocaust

Dell installing Lindows on PC's in Europe

Mike Moore give the DL 10-4 for Fahrenheit 9/11

"Turn your IE Security to the Highest Setting" The New Exploit/Grey area, per exploited website distribution.

Danger Den Maze 4-1 GPU Tec Block Review

NEC 1980SX 19in LCD Review

“nu” Technology Inc. DDW-082 8X Dual DVD+/-RW Review

Corsair 1GB 3200XL-Pro DDR Review

Epox 8KDA3+ (nVidia nForce3 250) Review

Sandra 2004 Sp2 is avail @ OCAU.

"Gamer" is not an applicable title Anymore. Thank the Marketing Media

Ms to let loose Designer Mice. Step off Mai Gucci.

Remember "Big-World" in Mario 3? Well someone made thier "Big-World" water-cooling Rig.

How To Make Millions of Dollars Playing Video Games

PCI Express: An Overview

AMD Athlon64 3800+ Review

Motherboard Monitor Development Stops

Cpu-Z New version Avail. Looks dead like WCPUID.

That the news and such for now. Back to work I go, and some Final Fantasy XI, and some movie Rips from the .hack Ps2 Game will keep me busy. Keep a Lazy-eye out for some handy reviews, someday .


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