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Monday Newsday
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-03-31 14:55:20
Good Day, Here will be my first news post since I chnaged the site up. I still have some little bugs to iron out :)

Have programs been running slower in XP since you installed SP1? If so, get This patch. SP2 will have a fix integrated in it :p

Intel got a patent on "Anti-overclocking" Technology. Intel tries it again, lets home AMD doesn't go for thier patent.

Some states are looking to make firewalls Illegal. If the internet isn't insecure enough, what do you think will be outlawed next?

Speaking of security, here is another Windows 2000 Exploit

Hurry and download Mandrake 9.1 before it too is illegal.

MS is expected to annouce the Windows 2003 Server family this friday.

Windows XP SP2 has been leaked.

These guys have a guid on putting a light in your Danger Den Maze 3 blocks.

Speaking of games (I just did) Here is a interview and pictures of the Sony Playstation 3. Fighter Ace 3.5 Demo and a Trailer for the Enter the Matrix Game.

New Detonator Drivers are out for you Nvidia users (9mb).

A time traveler has been busted for huge stock gains, and he claims time traveling is the cause.

Slackware 9.0 is out, a slimmed down, secure Linux Distro.

Cosair announces Water-Cooling Product Line. I just hope it's a lil more thought enovolved then the Permacool kits sold in stores.

Spaking of H20, I have new pics of my Pc in the Forums and I found some CeBit coverage with some very cool Mini-ITX b0xes

Holographic Video is on route


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