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Doom 3 and MTA 0.4.1
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2004-08-16 19:17:36

What's new in the kitchen? I've been playing some Doom 3, and SP was a Good time. Multiplayer is Pretty fun, but limited due to Dedicated server bandwidth/resource Issues.

My server is waiting for a New power supply, I am replacing a 400w Sparkle with a 550w sparkle, to make the IDE Fileserver a little more happy.

The Multi Theft Auto team has been busy, and released yet another MTA Mp Mod for Both Vice City and GTA3. Version 0.4.1 is the latest version, and is Available in our Downloads Section.

In the Next 2 weeks or so, Our Downloads will be Unavailable for a few days while relocates the server from TX to PA. Shockingly, speeds are suposed to improve!

That's the Blurb for now, have a Peachy day, and always take free candy.


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