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4th of the Month
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-04-04 14:04:07
It's Friday, and I am waiting for my IBM 180GB HD to come ;) Until then, here are some links.

MS has made a OS for the 64-bit AMD Chips, and they are calling it Anvil

Here is a review on Cats, there is a cat in my house that is awesome, and the article is great :p

If you ever wanted to have a toggle switch on your PC to short your BIOS, Here is the guide for you. Personally, I get enough people turning my rheostat knobs like they are listening to the radio, and if someone were to short my BIOS, I'd prolly break thier jaw. As I said, I linked the guide :)

Thermal Pics of an EpoX 8RDA+, be sure to check the Cat pics too.

Rumor mill speaks of Xbox linux possible without modding your console. These folk have most info you could need. The Challenge has been met thanks to a 007 : Under Fire Save game.

A Iraq Mod is available for Battlefield 1942. So all those folk who enjoy watching the news for hours on end, have another outlet to keep in the loop :p

And finally, someone planted a bomb outside of the Italian IBM office. The bomb was defused, and theories speak of anti-war folk as the culprits.


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