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Thursday Newsday
Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-04-17 17:28:40
After a few days of slacking, here are various links I gathered up. I am preparing to move here in the next month, so updates may get slow :)

Here is a KT400A review. Speaking of new chipsets Canterwood the new Intel chipset is out too.

Michigan is outlawing Firewalls, let home This Stupidity does not spread.

On the game front, EA Games and Nvidia are Getting in bed together Let's hope EA keeps dishing out nice games.

Reviews on the GeforceFX are out, here is a review on the FX 5600

DVD+ vs DVD- Info I hope they decide before I have free money again. On a DVD+R note, peep out the Plextor PX-504A

WiMAX is getting help from Intel, and lets hope that this wireless is actually secure.

Here is more info on Intel's Anti-Overclocking Technology that they gathered a patent for.

Tom Clancy games are always fun, This Forum has a review of the 3rd game in the Rainbow 6 Series: Raven Shield.

Review on the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card, I have an older one w/ RCA and Fiber out in my server it's a nice card, perhaps I'll do a review someday.

Are you looking for some new backgrounds? Pictures of Mars are to be gathered.

More waterblocks are being made these days, D-Tek have a block out, check the link for a review.

Gainward have a FX card out, and a review can be found Here

If you have some extra money, and you'd like a small tank, Konami have just the item for you. have a guide up on how they built up a "Silent" PC.

Stupid Security Contest winners for April can be found over there. My GF should have fun comming into Philly Airport :p

Looking for a home dvd player? Why not get a mp3 and DivX playing one. Technosonic meet your demands.

Looking for some BLing in your PC? Why not spend $450 for a Glowing 250Gb HD from Western Digital.

Xbox mod chips are popular, moreso are the fines for selling mod chips.

Info on Video Porcessing, seems Anime is one of the more difficult to process.

AMD is rumored to be having a price cut. Hold off on buying a new CPU til the 22nd.

One of the Xbox hackers were reviewed by MS doesn't like him all that much I'm sure.

Looks like you can cook your GF FX 5800 with a screensaver :) Info Here ,most of it english.


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