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Posted by: Pic0o @ 2003-05-02 19:40:48
Hola, I've been job hunting, and I am currently in Buffalo, NY. I have some interviews Monday and tuesday, and I have been gathering some original content for the site as well. Digi Charat archive, and other anime archives will be up once I get back in town :) For now, Linkies...

Motherboard Monitor is out. A great app for monitoring your PC temps, and voltages.

Confirmed info on the release of the new AMD XP 3200+ CPU in early May. I'll be buying a 333MHz FSB chip when the 400MHz drop the prices.

GTA - Vice City PC Demo Movies are available for download. (Quicktime Format) Speaking of games, Battlefield 1942 is now up to a 1.4 Patch.

Rumor has it that Half-Life 2 is comming out. You can get more info with the Babelfish

Looking to get a DVD+RW? Peep the Plextor PX-504A DVD+RW Review

DivX 5.05 is out, and while you are catching up on Video Codecs, peep out Xvid

EpoX makes some nice mobos, If you are thinking about a new one, peep out the 8RDA3+ review, I have the 8RDA+, and the new one looks quite nice too. If you find the need to bench your b0x and see if you need new gear, grab the 3Dmark 2003 Patch

In the spam news, AOL, MS and Yahoo are working to fight spam. What will I ever do without emails about Debt Reduction and Penis enlargement?

Gainward Fx 5800 Ultra is up for a review, My buddy ordered one, and I'll try to do a shootout versus my clocked Abit Geforce 4 4400. I wonder who will win :p

Scotland yard believe to have nabbed "Fluffi Bunni" This group was lucky enough to be considered an "anti-American cyberprotest against the war on terrorism".

I don't take Vitamins, But I'm kinda glad I don't.

I thought I was cool with my Nforce2 Mobo, Well, the Nforce3's will be out soon enough to backup the AMD Opterons. Not to mention the new Nvidia RAID controller.

Escape from Woomera is a new game, and it looks pretty nice. It recived money for modeling Austrailian detention centers.

Worried about security? The NSA has declassified some of thier Security Recommendation Guides

Intel released open source Lip reading code.

Looking to Water-Cool your GeForce Fx with a Kit? You can spend stupid amounts of money to do it, thanks to the CoolFX Kit

On the File sharing front, Some companies have been determined legal do to how they distrube files among users. With that being said, RIAA is IM'ing users with Illegal MP3's. Wow, next I wonder if they will spam you too.

Well, That's my news for now, The Lady and I are hungry ;)


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