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DivX Rundown
Section: Tutorials

DivX Tips

To make a Local Backup of your Fav Movies, Here are some steps I have found to work.

Apps Needed:

DivX Codec
Audio Codecs
Bitrate Calc

0. Install Required Apps :P
1. Put in the Disc
2. Load SmartRipper

3. On the Move tab, Pick the Proper Program Chain, Select your Target location, and click start (Note Movie Length)

4. Here is the Rip Process

5.Load Bitrate Calc

6. Input Movie Length, Size, and pull Video Bitrate value

7. Load Vidomi, Change Mode

8. Select Vobs, Pick Destination
9. Check Output Size Options

10. Check Audio Options

11. Pick Codec, then Input Parameters

12: Set Bitrate, Click OK

13. Click Ok
14. Start Conversion. When the output stats show up, You are encoding :-)


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