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GTA VC Modpack
Section: Game Reviews

GTA Vice City Mod Pack

Created by -:- Coldstone
Reviewed by -:- Pic0o

I recently took the time to install and test this modpack available for download here. The installation is very simple, just extract the archive into your GTA VC install folder, and overwrite all files, then load Vice City.

.^. Warning .^. Some material in this mod is for 18+ Only. .^. Warning .^.
So if you install this, you take agree you are 18+

By the warning you can tell some explict images are in the mod, I will show you some of the cool, clean ones on this page, such as Car models.

This mod is NOT with GTA VC 0.2Multi Theft Auto unmodded Servers, I will continue to do more testing on the @-( )-@ MTA Server.

Finally, here are those Pictures I mentioned :)

.^. Cheetah .^.

.^. Gang Burrito .^.

.^. PCJ 600 .^.

.^. Phoenix .^.

Thanks for reading the review ;)

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