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GTA VC Modpack 3.0 Review
Section: Game Reviews

I have been playing the newest modpack put together by Coldstone, it has countless mods installed, and I hope to touch a few interesting ones I found while playing this newest version. 3.0 is full of bug fixes, and great mods. In this version, the UFO bug while completing the drug house raid mission has been fixed.

+-+ Warning +-+

Before downloading, keep in mind this mod is Intended for 18+ yr, due to some player model mods, billboards, ect. So by reading installing this mod on your PC, you are aware, and declare that your are 18+.
+-+ Warning +-+

For you MTA Players, Copy you VC install Folder, and install the Mods in that folder. No support for Mods using MTA yet is available, I'd assume you would need a way for server to check mod packs and tables. Either way, GTA is fun, so are mods in SP.

On with the Screenies:

Here are some Delorian Pics, there are the ground model and flying versions. To spell on google, the first link was a Lego Storyline for the Back to the Future.

In the Mall and onto more Delorians on the next Page +-+

Page 2:

--> Delorians

--> Hovercraft Delorians

--> Brinks Security Truck

--> Police Squad Car

Onto page 3 for the Bluntmobile Car +-+

Page 3:
More Vehicles

Here are some of the other car models. There are lots more from what Coldstone in his Release Notes:

3.0.1 Final
-:- Download - Release Notes -:-

I have had a bug report with the helicopter in Vice City it is the same copter as last time but a different problem, I have since replaced the copter with the original and tested it, it now works fine.

-:- Release Notes -:- <-- Forum Link

I have noticed a problem with the last mod where in the helicopter mission I had changed it to a UFO, well that didnt work very well because you couldn't see what you were shooting at, that had been fixed in the new Final Mod, also I have added 4 stunt parks and 1 dirt bike track as well as many new vehicles, such as a monocycle, a wheel chair, shopping cart and The Thunderdome as well as many others.

Onto more pictures, quite a few to go. More then just cars to post before bed.

--> Bluntmobile

--> Freeway Chopper

--> PCJ-600

--> Viper with Engine work under the hood.

Onto page 4, more vehicles such as Shopping carts and Ufo's +-+

Page 4:
More Vehicles

--> UFO

--> Wheel Chair

--> Shopping Cart

--> Angel

Onto page 5 for more Car mods +-+

Page 5:
More Car Mods

--> Batmobile

--> Suzuki

--> Toyota

--> Uhaul

Onto Page 6 for stunt parks and racing courses +-+

Page 6:
Stunt Courses

To access the stunt courses, one of the largest ones is located by the Mall. Below I will post some screens of the course, and how to enter it.

--> Mall Racetrack

--> Racetrack Billboards

That concludes the racetrack screens. Onto Page 7 for Mall foodcourt mods and Pr0n. +-+

Page 7:
Food Court Mods

Most of the eatery stations in the Mall have been modified to local shops you know and get fat from. By doing this, you get a nice reality feeing in the mall. Below are a few of these screens.

--> McDonalds

--> Dunkin Donuts

--> Taco Bell + Pizza Hut

That concludes the Food Court area in the mall, next, I will link some images to the Random Nudity in this modpack.

Pr0n Pics

For another element of reality, nudity has been added to this Modpack. Billboards around the Airport and Movie studio areas have some birthday suit shots, and below, I gathered some screens of non-player skin mods.

+-+ Warning :: 18+ Image Links +-+

Pole Dance @ Pole Position
Private Dance Booth - Swan
Private Dance Booth - Private Dancer
Random Nude Rollerblader
Nude Shopping Cart Driver

+-+ Warning :: 18+ Image Links +-+

Fast cars, Death, Stuntparks, Racing and Pr0n; what else could you ask for?
Proceed to page 8 for an Overview on this modpack.+-+

Page 8:


The newest Build of the Vice City modpack has come a long way from 1.0. Coldstone has done a great job of picking excellent mods, incorporating them into one simple .rar file, and giving us hours of great new mods to tinker with. Input is always welcome on bud reports, Coldstone has made many improvements even though this is his Final modpack for GTA: Vice City.

To Download this Modpack, Click the Link Below:
+ --> Modpack 3.01 Download | Release Notes

For any bug reports/props for this Modpack, Hit up the Forums

+---:: This Modpack Earns 5/5 Cookies :---+

A huge thanks to Coldstone, for such a great job. I only covered a fraction of the great mods in this package, so play it yourself and check the rest. Consider a home for Coldstone's mods, and thanks for reading this review.


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