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Ati 9700 to Nvidia 6800LE Review
Section: Hardware / Device Reviews

Ati 9700 Pro to Nvidia 6800LE Comparison

Upgrade for ~$160.00 Shipped

This review will compare my Previous video card, versus an $160 Card, that i want to buy a water block for later on since my Radeon had a nice one. I have gathered some Before / After Nvidia scores to check out and compare.

I don't have mad loot or free hardware, so my Test machine, is my Gameb0x. Both series of tests were ran @ 175 FSB on my b0x. No clocking utilities were in place, and Drivers were both recently update @ time of Review

Pc Specs:
  • CPU Family: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+
  • Internal Clock: 2192MHz
  • External Clock: 175 FSB

  • Video Drivers Used
  • Ati Catalyst:
  • Nvidia Dets:
  • I went with the Leadtek A400LE (6800). I liked the smaller heatsink and price, as I intend to pick a Danger Den NV-6800 block up soon for the card.

    Let's Peep Sandra scores for an Idea of my CPU's Performance...

    For a General Idea of what my Test system is like, I ran some Sandra 2005 Benchmarks

    |+| My Sqiggle is quite lacking compaired to P4 Action

    |+| Trying to Keep up with the Low boy of the chart.

    |+| A Little slipping on the Floating Point Vs the P4 Macks.

    |+| Lol, that one sure doesn't hurt. Someday I'll get a new Mobo and a SATA 150 Drive.

    Now that we have an Idea how my B0x performs, and lack there of, let move onto some 3D / Gaming Benchmarks...

    First, I started of by Running 3DMark 2003, and 3DMark 2005 to get an idea how each card handles the synthetic benchmarks. The following tests are recorded in FPS (Frames per Second), and give you a guage on how the neweser chipsets handle the more taxing Virtual Benchmarks

    3DMark 2003:

    |+| In this benchmark, the 6800 shows some gain over the 9700, prolly in part to the newer DirectX 9 Support it has over the 9700.

    3DMark 2005:

    |+| Same in this benchmark, the 6800 seems to handle more textures well, and Dish out some good Mild FPS over the ATI.

    So far out of the Box, the Nvidia is showing some power over the Ati, needless to even metion the blessing of running Nvidia Drivers again :) Onto some Aquamark 3 scores...

    Running Aquamark just looks cool. A good share of rendering they do in that Benchmark, continues to shine on newer Video cards.

    |+| This is the Tri-Score of the Bench, It's a Combo of CPU, FPS, and GFX Card scores.

    |+| Here is a Measure of Pure FPS Scores throughout the Bench. A Few FPS to the 6800, but nothing to rub in the ATI's face

    Wrapping up Benchmarks, I decided to Run Quake 3 and Doom 3 Timedemos to see how Old and New fair up on these cards...

    To conclude Benchmarks of the Nvidia 6800 before I got sucked into GTA - San Andreas, I ran some Quake 3 and Doom 3 benchmarks to get an Idea on howthey score.

    |+| Representing the Basement Lan Benchmark sessions, I decided to Load a TourtureLoop, and 2 of Everyones Fav Demos. Looking @ the Scores, the ATI, actually likes Quake 3 Play a little more then the 6800 excluding the basic T-Loop Draw.

    |+| Being as I enjoyed Doom 3, but not the Lag of playing it, I was happy to See the Nvidia 6800 take the Lead beyond a doubt on a Demo. It's Good to see newer games play faster.

    Wrapping up my Review, in conclusion, the Nvidia seems to have some places where it does not power over the Ati, however, newer games and benchmarks seem to shine on the Nvidia side, at least when you compare the Older to a little newer flavor.


    Personally, I liked the ATI performance for the time it came out, but for my Previous hassles with games and Drivers, I am happy to say I own an Nvidia card again. For Rock Solid Drivers, and worthy jumps in Gameplay for 160.00, I give the Leaktek 6800LE Max Cookies, for Price, and Performance.

    +---:: This Card Earns 5/5 Cookies :---+


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