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GTA3 Radio Station Mod
Section: Tutorials

Custom GTA3 Radio Stations

Apps Needed - Winamp, Audio Codecs

1. Add songs to winamp you would like for a station

2. Bring up Winamp Preferences (Ctrl+p)

3. Under Plugins, go to the Ouput tab, Select Nullsoft Disk Writer.

4. Select Single File Mode, Select a partition large enough to convert .mp3 to .wav

5. Select your format (44,000 kHz, 8 Bit, Stereo) and Click OK, then close for the Preferences window.

6. Click Play in winamp, and it will start converting all songs in your playlist.

7. Once the songs are converted, and out.wav has been made, Clear your playlist, and add the new out.wav to your playlist.

8. Go back to Preferences (Ctrl+P), then go to your Nullsoft Disk Writer Options.

9. Disable single file mode, and convert to format, pick another path for the file output, and select the proper codec (pictured)

10. Once you close those windows, click Play, and your out.wav will be converted to the IMA ADPCM format used by GTA3 to play radio station music.

11. Repeat this process for each station you wish to make.

12. Replace the .wav files pictured below with your new.wav files, and your custom stations should be ready to go.

Any questions or issues, peep the Forums :)


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