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Team -X- map testing

the past few weeks, Team -X- has been testing every CTF map that we have come across 664 maps so far, it has been narrowed down to 66 maps.. and well very soon we will be doing the finals testing.. once some maps pass this, they will be named the CTF Hall of Fame maps.. Team -X- would appreciate it if some HOP members could make it to this.. atm im just waiting on Gilvo to finalise some details, like the date and time, and other small things like this.. reason i am asking HOP to help with this.. if it is just Team -X- we may not have enough people in the server to fully test the maps properly.. if at all posible please help us with this testing i know ive posted this on the HOP forums aswell.. but i felt like spamming :P
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-09 16:14:43

:wub: Sounds good :D
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-09 19:10:31 thats the map pack for ya mate :) ill msg Gil a lil later seein how he is goin with settin this up..
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-10 06:21:36

if you need another person im usually around my msn and AIM are in my profile :)
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-11 14:39:38

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