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New members :P

Welcome aboard :) I see a few ppl joined whiule my Pc was down :P Hope whatever you hope to find here is there somewhere :wub:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-12 19:49:13

all i want to find is some :wub: hahha :dance: :coolninja:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-13 00:38:15

:wub: Given :D Btw, My cousin signed up on these forums too :D Welcome my cousin :D He's kickass, and Is in the Air Force :wub: He is [color=blue:f394e60b44][size=24:f394e60b44]picooscuz[/size:f394e60b44][/color:f394e60b44] :happy: And I though that was just some jackass who signed up :P
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-13 10:11:33

does ya cuz have the same m0ddin skillz as ya mate? :dance:
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-13 11:14:34

Hola, welcome Pic0o's Cousin ~_^
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-02-13 19:06:39

He's got air force mods :) He's much more 1227 then me :wub:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-14 00:33:32

i need headache modz :( :cry:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-14 02:16:17

I have a headache too :( They suck :P Welcome aboard btw :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-14 13:24:54

thanks..well its(headache) is about gone now but this day isnt improving...i think this is the worst day of the year :ninja:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-14 15:06:46

i think ima play RF...if you see this and wanna play check the plus servers or a rail server :dance: or msn too i guess :P
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-14 15:07:54

I don't touch MSN :p
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-14 19:13:14

cause its by evil MS? :dance:
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-14 20:02:47

i gots AIM too so there!
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-14 20:49:09

Pic, when ya speak to ya cuz next.. get him to post some thing.. cause he is sittin on 0 posts atm :(
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-17 23:57:31

I know, he a lazy gringo :) and he's been playing Unreal 2 alot :p
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-18 10:49:05

how is unreal 2? is it a lot like UT2K3?
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-18 15:03:39

I hear, it's just SP tho, I haven't got to play it yet tho :(
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-18 15:40:19

well i spose i will get it and let you know :dance:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-18 15:42:21

[quote:bead2c5476="i'm addictive"]well i spose i will get it and let you know :dance:[/quote:bead2c5476] U let me know too :dance: My pc suxs to much....oh btw I am taking part donations
Posted By: R@zIoUr @ 2003-02-23 22:48:03

I too am always taking donations ;) :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-23 22:57:06

If you dont havea top notch system dont bother :P System Req't 733 w/GF2MX(32MB) MY g/f system that we attempted to play on Athlon 650 w/GF3Ti(128MB) UNPLAYABLE in like battle scenes with more then 2 people shooting :\ But the first 10 minutes are kinda fun :\ Edit : check my sig :P
Posted By: The_Croc @ 2003-02-24 02:30:17

Oiy it's up to U guys to figure out which nOOb really needs donations... My specs: P2 300 TNT2 Ultra 256 mb RAM Ya I know very very very crap soo plz to donate to Raz contact me MSN/E-mail @ :dance:
Posted By: R@zIoUr @ 2003-02-24 15:59:19

Wow holmes, you guys are troopers :) I have an EpoX 8K7A+ I will be selling for $35 bucks :P KT266, w/ onboard RAID and Sound :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-25 14:01:01

[quote:ee50e3f00d="Pic0o"]Wow holmes, you guys are troopers :) [/quote:ee50e3f00d] heh, U wanna trade positions? Even for 1 day? I'll see how long ya'll last....
Posted By: R@zIoUr @ 2003-02-25 21:40:12

hehe, I don't Miss my gf2 mx :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-25 23:07:27

yeah i had the gf2 mx...i dont miss it either..i love my Ti 4600 though :dance:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-26 14:48:47

[quote:624600804a="i'm addictive"]yeah i had the gf2 mx...i dont miss it either..i love my Ti 4600 though :dance:[/quote:624600804a] radeon 9700 PRo better :dance:
Posted By: R@zIoUr @ 2003-03-04 21:03:19

yeah but i like up to date you know my choice... and i got Unreal 2 and also Splinter Cell i havent tried Unreal 2 yet because im absolutely addicted to Splinter Cell...its an awesome game. stealth is the key :ninja: anyways just get splinter cell. hopefully itd run on your comp :) after i beat it ill try Unreal 2
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-03-04 21:59:33

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