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GTA Vice City for PC :D

Looks to be May 13th :D [url=]Linky[/url] It made the news on my main page too :) Pic0o is a happy boy :wub:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-17 01:11:25

Talking about that I had to slap my brother a few times a round the head to make sure he understood that it isnt out yet he is still screaming it is I told him to shut it and put him back in the coalhouse :oops: :ninja: this was 2 days ago I hope he is ok I forgot to put the bread and water in with him aw well I'll check in on him in the morning :ninja:
Posted By: WkD_Bitch @ 2003-03-19 20:16:55

I eat bread and water on a daily basis since I live in a card board box :ninja:
Posted By: t0ucan -X- @ 2003-03-21 03:31:36

Bread and Water is my daily meal of choice :) I had a dream we had alot less Peanut Butter then I thought :P I told the roomies that and they kinda worried :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-21 13:52:29

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