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I need suggestions

I wasn't sure which forum was appropriate so I stuck it here. I just had a LAN party a week or so ago and am planning on a much bigger one in May. I am looking into sponsers (I have 1 definate and 4 maybes) I'm looking at 50 players for the next one and plan on charging $20 to cover expenses. What I need are so cheap ways to make the party something to remember. Right now I'm trying to get a tourny manager so I will have a way to get rid of the (hopefully) prizes. But I want to know if you guys had any ideas for contests and such that would make the party better. Edit: While I'm thinking about it check out the new Bukworld Lanparty site at [url][/url]
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-02-23 05:42:06

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