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The Underground Comedy Movie

I keep seeing ads for this thing on Comedy Central and I must say I want to see it....It looks like a bad Troma movie(what an oxymoron) with alot of wit that reminds me of Kentucky Fried Movie :\ Anyone seen this around?
Posted By: The_Croc @ 2003-02-24 02:35:39

I have seen the promo for that, if it holds up and is bad taste style, I may have to peep it too :) I wated Bum fights this weekend and laughed my ass off :) Sci-Fi is having H.P. Lovecraft based movie made by them come on soon, an dI :wub: Lovecraft :) My VCR will need to be on, but I forgot the date :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-25 14:24:12

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