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you know you have done this at one point......

Don't lie... you know you have!!! [url][/url]
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-03-04 13:34:24

hehehehe. :wub:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-04 13:36:04

:oops: shhh dont tell anyone :oops:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-03-04 15:18:42

i know i havent done that.. cause i always check pings when i join a server..
Posted By: shim @ 2003-03-05 01:11:35

[quote:235d90784c="i'm addictive"]:oops: shhh dont tell anyone :oops:[/quote:235d90784c] n00b, ur isp is finnish?
Posted By: locke @ 2003-03-05 03:56:27

[quote:9b796d043f="locke"] n00b, ur isp is finnish?[/quote:9b796d043f] No.... but I bet [b:9b796d043f]yours[/b:9b796d043f] is!
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-03-05 04:35:53

m0dz all around :p Welcome to the only forums where I enjoy people's IP's being showed to them via a sig :p
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-05 10:28:15

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