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Family Guy comin to DVD!

Yup I was bored today and was checking stuff to preorder and say that they are releasing a Family Guy DVD. The DVD contains season 1 + 2 on 4 discs including some audio commentary and deleted scenes. Not sue when exactly it comes out but everyone must pick up this gem :)
Posted By: The_Croc @ 2003-03-12 16:55:36

Damn right, that sounds more classic then the Clerks Episodes from ABC that came to DVD, I picked those up w/o any hesitation :wub:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-12 17:36:37

Ya but Family Guy was actually funny as a cartoon while clerks was just....well...a snore fest. the movie was ok(my g/f loved it) but we both thought the cartoon stank of old smelly gym socks
Posted By: The_Croc @ 2003-03-13 01:22:52

hehe :P I see your point, I can't argue that Family Guy does put even those cartoons to shame :P
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-13 01:31:19

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