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random quotes

put ya random quotes here Gir: To make room for the cupcake
Posted By: shim @ 2003-01-27 20:57:16

"The internet works, Time for bed" :wub: Our House :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-01-27 21:35:13

"Get the fuck oot ma face" Daddy :wub:
Posted By: Allan @ 2003-01-28 08:44:33

in the back of our minds there are always thoughts
Posted By: shim @ 2003-01-28 09:59:43

'dont set your heart on some thing you cant touch, and if you are lucky enough to touch what you heart is set on, chase it forever until you have it' - me
Posted By: shim @ 2003-01-28 19:10:07

"Never under estimate the power of a porkchop" A billboard I saw in PA.
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-01-28 21:20:47

[quote:8ba75d3b2a="Kat"]"Never under estimate the power of a porkchop" A billboard I saw in PA.[/quote:8ba75d3b2a] I used to see some crazy shit on route to NY, can't remember what it said tho :lol:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-01-28 21:38:41

"a ship that goes out to sea either goes on sailing or sinks" Coyboy BeBop movie
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-02 03:31:45

"Wow, thats a Sharpie, don't lose that, those are like currency around here." - Pic0o
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-02-02 10:13:08

"Imma eat your eyelids" -Allan
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-02-02 10:13:39

"There are 5 types of people who can count Binary, those who can, and those who can't" - Dunno
Posted By: R@zIoUr @ 2003-02-02 14:04:27

"Circle takes the fucking square" My response asking J0k3r if the noise I was hearing was a soda can spraying all over the kitchen floor I just got done mopping :lol: This just happened btw :lol:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-02 15:32:07

The soda attacked me..... It tried to drink my blood.....
Posted By: J0k3r @ 2003-02-02 19:24:58

"a loving heart is searching for you"
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-06 12:58:44

what is the point of living if no one remembers your existance?
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-06 14:27:19

"I'm running 170FSB" J0k clockin the b0x :P
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-06 17:28:01

Man with hole in pocket feels cockey all day.
Posted By: M1K @ 2003-02-10 17:32:36

yes you can prick your finger, but dont finger your prick" George Carlin
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-13 14:35:10

"Wow he is just all kindsa humpy" - A really gay friend of mine after seeing one of the dogs I was grooming.
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-02-13 19:24:23

"Let me lick you Pussy" Ween
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-14 00:30:06

"ive got a gun, youve got a body, now lets paint the walls" - Sam "serious" stone :dance:
Posted By: locke @ 2003-02-21 03:14:55

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